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False carbon dating reads

Since then, I worked at self-improvement, and I’ve honestly been impressed with my progress.

I asked what she wanted to do, and she said “I don’t know, I’m good with anything”.

This bothered me somewhat, but I’m a big boy, not everyone knows how to be assertive.

I recently moved to a job that not only frees up more time to focus on schooling, but pays better.

On the last day at my previous job, a girl I’d occasionally worked with and spoken with in the breakroom, asked for my number.

Needless to say, I got a text bright and early the next morning and we’ve been texting a bit. Introductions as a boyfriend would be awkward because my manager didn’t want me to leave.

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You are no doubt 100% correct that you and she are in different places in life.

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Feeling like you have nothing to talk about, or that the other person might be a bit too needy or more into going along with your plans than making their own are very good reasons to not go out again and thinking those things doesn’t make you a bad person.After the meetup, she told me she had fun and wants to meetup again next week (the next free day she has).Clearly she enjoyed my company if she already wants to hang out again.When I asked whether she’s doing post-secondary, her answer was the generic “I hated school, so maybe I’ll become a cosmetician”.She agrees with whatever I say and doesn’t have a lot to say about her day, goals, or hobbies. I’m easygoing, so I spent time reflecting on why this information bothered me. I’ve got a great part-time job to cover costs, university and my budget balances at the end of the day. This girl is wonderful, but it seems she dates as a form of entertainment; escape from her life.My first relationship (a different girl), about a year ago, ended because both of us had been insecure.