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An early champion of "cyber-liberation," he had been described by magazine at the age of 22 as an "electronic Robin Hood" after he was sentenced to two years in federal prison for hacking a conservative website and making off with 5,000 credit-card numbers, intending to charge donations to progressive causes.

He wanted people to remember him." What Hammond never suspected was that his downfall would come at the hands of one of his closest and most trusted allies.t's an early-june morning at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, and Hammond walks into the small room usually reserved for lawyer-client conferences wearing a baggy brown prison jumpsuit meant for someone twice his size. "Hard to say what for, or how they monitor these terrorists." He flashes me a wan smile that says "prison sucks."Since arriving here in March, Hammond has tried to keep busy teaching math to inmates who are studying for their GEDs, playing chess and reading anything he can get his hands on – most recently , ex-Weatherman David Gilbert's prison memoir.

In person, Hammond comes off as far less strident than he does on the page. After 10 years of activism, he is a seasoned veteran of jails and rough treatment at the hands of the police."Hey," Hammond says calmly, "I'm Jeremy." He's a pale kid, nearly 28, with huge blue-green eyes, a wispy beard, and tattoos on each forearm – one, a tic-tac-toe-like symbol known as the "glider," is an emblem of the open-source movement; the other, the hexagram from the I Ching, "can be interpreted as the leader of a people's army," he explains. But being locked up is both a "dehumanizing" and also excruciatingly boring experience, he says.

His arrest, the most prominent bust to date of a U. They took up the cause of the Arab Spring by attacking the government websites of Libya, Tunisia and Egypt; they broke into computers belonging to NATO and the GEO Group, one of the world's largest private prison corporations.

They hacked defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton – an attack, dubbed "Military Meltdown Monday," that yielded 90,000 military and civilian e-mail accounts and passwords. But none of these attacks had the political resonance of Stratfor.

For three weeks, sup_g and his crew had worked steadily to ruin Stratfor, one of their biggest and richest targets yet.

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"We know we'll finish in prison," says a hacker who worked with him."Jeremy knew he was going to be raided, which is why he worked so quickly.

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(performer: "Go Fuck Yourselves (The Spider Song)", "Paddy's Pub" - uncredited) / (writer: "Go Fuck Yourselves (The Spider Song)", "Paddy's Pub" - uncredited) [on Louis C.In a society that's becoming ultimately far more saccharine, it's harder to find anybody willing to fly close to the sun.On a cold day in mid-December 2011, a hacker known as "sup_g" sat alone at his computer – invisible, or so he believed.By Christmas – which Antisec dubbed "Lulz Xmas" for the "lulz," or mocking enjoyment, they intended to have at Stratfor's expense – the group had made off with more than 200 gigabytes of data.They then destroyed the company's databases and defaced Stratfor's website with a triumphant message promising a "week of mayhem" that would include posting the firm's secrets online – some 860,000 names, e-mails and passwords, including several dozen belonging to top-secret operators whose identities were now leaked for the very first time.Even before the arrest broadcast his name worldwide, Hammond was well-known in extreme-left circles.